Marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling


Are you  feeling that something is not right in your relationship?

Do you feel misunderstoood, sad, or lonely.  What happened to those good times when your felt the love sparks, had spontaneous fun and great sex?  Now you seem to be stuck in the same circular arguments and patterns and you’re both lonely even though you’re technically together.

You have heard about Couples Therapy, but you don’t know what it is all about. You don’t know who to call and what to ask if you were to find someone.

You are not alone.

Couples Therapy is a pro active measure to diagnose and treat symptoms of an unhappy marriage.

Remember, having a great relationship takes time and energy!!

It is a slow process. Most couples have a honeymoon period of about 2 years, but after that disillusion can set in. Look at our divorce rate of 50%!!

This is where the real work begins and the relationship needs to be attended to, nurtured, watered and tended to like a garden.




Couples Therapy is for those savvy, committed, take-charge couples that want improve their marriage. They know that with help they can transform a relationship from detachment and hostility to a relationship of warmth and appreciation.

This is hard work!!! In psychotherapy it is working with two individuals as well as the couple, who is a patient in it’s own right. We look at communication systems, family of origin issues, how love is expressed, how anger is expressed, hidden agendas and expectations.

We work with the most research-based interventions and methods.  Much homework is assigned and at least half of the work is done outside of the therapy office, so be prepared to work hard!


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