Call it psychotherapy, therapy, or counseling, the purpose is to help you and support you in your process of change. Therapy offers you the guidance of a trained professional to help you as you go beyond your previous limits in the process of change. In the process of therapy, you have the opportunity to explore your personal and family history as well as take a look at the current events in their life and how they may relate. There is also the opportunity to learn new and positive skills to cope with challenges, other people, and learning more about you.


It is really the gift you give yourself!!! Where else do you get a whole hour to focus on yourself with someone who wants only the best for you?

Choosing a Therapist

Here are some helpful guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Take into account your own preferences

You may be looking for a particular approach (cognitive-behavioral therapy, for example) or for the therapist to be a specific gender or to have a certain style.




If you’ve had a previous experience with therapy, think back over what you did or did not like about the experience. This might give you some clues of what works or does not work for you. However, some people may not have any preference.

  • Think about what you want from therapy and assess the therapist’s competence in working with you on your goals.

Think about what you want to happen in treatment. You may not be clear about what is even possible in therapy if you’ve never experienced it. Don’t be afraid to ask the therapist if your goals for treatment are achievable in therapy.

Ask the therapist if they have had experience in working with your issue. It is good to know that the therapist is competent to work with your particular problem about the therapist’s experience, training and education. This may be done either on the phone or in an initial session.

Sometimes you might just need a phone conversation with the therapist to get the assurance you need; sometimes an initial session might be required.

  • When you talk with the therapist, notice how you feel.

This is a collaborative relationship. Does it feel like it can work for you? Do you feel comfortable in talking to this person? Do you feel judged, engaged, respected, at ease? Although uncomfortable material may be brought up in treatment, do you feel as though you can discuss difficult topics in your life with the therapist?

I see psychotherapy as a means of guiding you towards moments of clarity, authenticity, and feeling solid about yourself. Together we will work on the groundwork for developing personal satisfaction and growth in your life. My role is to help you in your journey with support, dedication, humor, and compassion whether you are facing life changes, anxiety or depression.


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